Welcome to my Library!

Hello everyone. I would like to welcome everyone to my “library” of books. Over the past two years, I’ve taken on reading challenges that I’ve found online to motivate myself to start reading more again and to branch out a bit more with my reading choices.

I actually started my first reading challenge completely on a whim after seeing it on a Facebook post. When I first saw the checklist and read through it, I was interested but I wasn’t sure that I wanted to commit to actually doing it. Over the next few days, the idea of the challenge started to really nag me. It seemed like a lot of fun, and I decided to give it a try. After all, it’s not like there were “challenge police” checking up on my progress and making sure I stuck to the list.

I decided to start out with something really easy. The first item on the list was “A book over 500 pages,” so I decided to go with a favourite book that I already knew that I would love just to get into the habit of reading in my spare time (instead of watching random Youtube videos or scrolling endlessly through Facebook). Once I finished the first book, it was easy to pick up the second, and from there to work my way through the whole challenge!

I enjoyed the experience so much that I developed a slight obsession with reading challenges and started looking out to see if another one would come up for 2016. I soon discovered that there were two: a new one by PopSugar, the creators of the original challenge that I completed, and one created by GoodReads users which is called the Around the Year Challenge (https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/174195-around-the-year-in-52-books). I quickly decided to take on the GoodReads challenge, and after some hesitation I took on the PopSugar challenge as well. About halfway through the year, I saw that I had progressed much further than I thought I’d be in both, so I decided to add two additional challenges: the Book Riot’s Read Harder challenges for 2015 and 2016. Coming up to the end of the year, I seem to be almost on track to complete them all although it will be tight!

My main reason for starting this blog is a bit of an off-shoot from the Around the Year Challenge. The 52 topics for the year are chosen by a very well-organized process of nominations and voting by group members. Each year, there are about 180 or so topics that don’t make it onto the final challenge which some people choose to take on as a “Rejects Challenge.” After spending most of this year going back and forth about whether I wanted to take on these two massive lists (one from 2015 and one from 2016), I finally decided to go for it, but with no time limit. I normally post about the books I read for my challenges on Facebook and Goodreads, but I didn’t want to overwhelm my Facebook friends with upwards of 300 books (although my GoodReads friends may be a little more tolerant)!

And so, here we are. I’m still new to the whole blogging thing, so it’s definitely a learning experience for me. I thought it would be a fun way to combine two of my main loves: reading and writing/reviewing. Feedback is definitely welcome!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to my Library!

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