Bookish Pet Peeves

This is something I’ve seen on so many blogs and Youtube channels that I haven’t been able to find it’s origin. As someone who loves to read and buy books, I have accumulated quite the list of pet peeves over the years. Often, I find what annoys me about books has more to do with the physical look of it rather than the content itself. Here are just a few of my pet peeves when it comes to books/reading:

Writing/highlighting in books – This is a holdover from all my time in post-secondary education, but I can’t stand when people write or highlight in my books. As a rule, and in spite of the higher costs, I always went for  a new copy of a textbook instead of the cheaper used versions. I find writing in the margins and highlighted text extremely distracting. I would naturally be drawn to those sections instead of focusing on the book itself.

Cover chang10429045-horzes mid-series/re-issues – I don’t particularly care much for what book covers look like, but I want them to be consistent. I know many other readers have a strong preference for certain styles of cover or especially attractive/interesting covers. For me, the book is more about the content than the appearance, but it still irritates me when partway through a series, the publishers decide to completely change how the books look.  The Shatter Me series is a major culprit for this, as seen above. The book was originally published with a picture of a girl on the cover, and was later re-issued to match the remaining books in the series. I still don’t think the covers matter as much as the story, but it irritates me when the books don’t look like they go together.

Unusually sized books – This is a pet peeve of mine both for books and for CDs. You’d think CD cases at least would have a standard size, but I’ve found a few over the past few years that are huge. I like having my shelves organized, and I find it really annoying when the book is awkwardly sized and throws off the line-up on the shelves. The same goes for series where books change sizes mid-series, so different books are different sizes. This goes back to what I was saying above about wanting all the books in a series to look like they belong together.


Synopses that are incredibly vague OR spoil the whole story- I can understand when an author or publisher does not want to reveal too much about a story before you read it, but there are some synopses that tell so little! I choose what books I want to read primarily on how much the synopsis interests me, so a vague synopsis is no help to me at all.  I’ve even seen books where there is no synopsis at all! Checking online is always an option, but it’s harder to prevent spoilers that way. And speaking of spoilers, it  can also be really irritating when the entire plot is spelled out for you before you even start reading just by looking at the back of the book. It’s like a movie trailer that tells you all the best parts. I don’t mind reading a book that is predictable as long as it is done well, but it doesn’t make any sense to tell the whole story in a paragraph!

Dog-eared books or cracked spines –  This is a very common one to many readers, but it is something that really bothers me. I actually used to dog-ear my pages instead of using bookmarks and never really thought about how it ruined the book until a classmate in sixth grade pointed it out. When I got older, I started to really hate it when my books looked damaged. I think a part of it was because I got the majority of my books in the past from used book sales at the library, so many of them were in pretty bad condition on the outside. Now that I buy most of my books new or borrow from the library, I expect them to be in decent condition. It bothers me when the spines crack after reading a book only once because I think they look messy, but at least it shows the book was read and hopefully enjoyed!





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