The Would You Rather 2.0 Book Tag

I’ve been having a lot of fun with “would you rather” quizzes lately, especially the Would You Rather tag I did not too long ago. I was lucky enough to stumble across a sequel to it, which I found here. I am not 100% sure if this is the original, since I couldn’t find that information, but it looks like a fun one anyway!

1) Would you rather only do review posts or tag posts?

It’s a bit of a tricky question, since I’ve only recently started doing reviews. Tags are fun, but I’m already starting to run out of ones that I can answer well. I think if I had to pick, I would only do review posts since there is more room for me to choose what I want to write about.

2) Would you rather always see the film version first or never see the film version of a book?

I usually prefer to read the book first, since it bothers me when the film versions change things from the original book. Plus I find seeing the movie spoils the book! However, I think I would still prefer to always see the film version first because that way I would get to experience both. There are some really great film adaptations, and I would hate to miss out on the good ones.

3) Would you rather have a list of every book you’ve ever read (like Goodreads from birth) or still have the physical copy of your first favorite book?

I’m not sure if the second option is referring to any physical copy, or the actual original physical copy you really owned. I actually have a really, really hard time getting rid of books so I probably do have the physical copy of my first favourite book somewhere in the house. In terms of which I’d prefer, I would rather have a complete list, since I sometimes have a really hard time remembering all the books I’ve read over the years. I honestly can’t remember my first ever favourite book, so I don’t have much sentimental value attached to one specific book — I’ve just hoarded the majority of the picture books I remember reading.

4) Would you rather have an active in-person book club of non-book bloggers or have lunch with your best book blogger buddies once a year?

Definitely lunch once a year, although I don’t have any book blogger buddies yet. I would choose that over an in-person book club because I feel like it would be less of a time commitment. My time is already pretty limited. Plus, I’ve always hated group discussions. I’m naturally an extremely introverted person (I honestly would not be surprised if I had social anxiety), so I tend not to talk much in group settings like that, and I prefer discussing books online where I have time to think about what to say.

5) Would you rather have the time to read everything you want to read or the money to buy everything you want to read?

Very difficult question! I know I just complained that my time is limited, but I’m leaning toward having the money to buy all the books I want. I’m on the fence since I rarely buy books anymore. They are getting very expensive, so I’m always worried about wasting money on  a book I don’t like. However, with enough money to buy anything I wanted to read, it wouldn’t feel like such a waste. Of course, then I’d probably just complain that I don’t have time to read all my books.

6) Would you rather dream cast the film or have editing power over the script for the film version of your favorite book?

Definitely editing power over the script, to prevent them from changing everything! I’m not very familiar with current actors/actresses, so I would have no idea how to cast the movie anyway.

7) Would you rather have your favorite fictional superpower or your favorite fictional technology?

Probably superpower, if we count Harry Potter-style magic as a superpower. I’m not sure I know what my favourite fictional technology is.

8) Would you rather read an amazing story with a ‘meh’ ending or a ‘meh’ story with a spectacular ending?

Another very difficult question. I think it might depend on how long the story is. In a short story, I’d prefer a “meh” story with a great ending, but in a longer book, I’d rather have the majority of the story be amazing.

9) Would you rather not be able to read in a moving vehicle or not be able to read lying down?

I already can’t read in most moving vehicles, except for trains and the very rare occasion I take a plane, so I would choose that because it’s not such a change.

10) Would you rather reread your favorite book or series with fresh eyes, like the first time, or be able to un-read your biggest disappointment?

Definitely re-read my favourites as if they were new. I don’t actually have that strong a memory of my most disappointing read, so un-reading it wouldn’t help me much.


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