Library Book Sale Book Haul!

This is my first ever book haul post here (although I have posted a few on my Instagram page). Unless I’m ordering from Book Outlet, I rarely get enough books at a time to make a haul seem worthwhile. For two weekends in a row now, I happened to go to my library and picked up quite a few books at their book sale. My library is closing for renovations this summer, and are essentially doing a mass unhaul of their own to try to clear as much space as possible. I went in not expecting very much, and over the course of two visits, left with a total of about 20 new books! I used to be absolutely obsessed with library book sales and went every year, to the point where my room was packed with books that I ended up never reading. It’s really, really hard for me to part with books, especially when they are in good condition, and I always end up convincing myself that I might eventually read them, even if they have been on my shelf literally for years untouched. Here are the books that I picked up:

1) Group 1: Books that I’ve Already Read and Enjoyed

These are books that I’ve already read over the past couple of years as part of my reading challenges and that I really enjoyed. Some of them are books I would not necessarily want to spend a lot of money on, but when the sale offers a bag of books for $2, it’s too good a deal to pass up!


2) Group 2: ARCS 

These books were technically not part of the book sale itself, but they are available in the staff room for the staff to take. My mom works at the library and I happened to be there with her one day, so she told me to take a look and grab what I wanted. They had already been sitting there for about a week, so it seemed no one else wanted them. I got these 5 books completely for free!


Group 3: Random Others

I found the rest of these just by browsing the shelves, and was lucky enough to come across quite a few that were on my TBR. I think the best find I had would have to be My Best Friend’s Exorcism, which seems to be brand new! To be honest, most of these books are pretty low priority, and I think a couple of them weren’t even on my TBR at all yet, but seemed very interesting. It will probably help to have a stack of books as backup for when my library is closed, especially since I still have a few challenge prompts left that I have nothing chosen yet.



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