Reader Struggles: Meme Mini-Series (#11)

I’m not really the type of person who brings a book with me absolutely everywhere I go, although sometimes I wish I was! If I know I’m going somewhere that doesn’t offer much time to read, such as when I go to work, I usually don’t bring a book at all. However, that all goes out the window when I go on vacation.

Every year, I generally go on vacation for about a week and it is a struggle every time to figure out how many books I want to bring with me. Many of my trips involve a lengthy train ride, and somehow this is the one form of public transportation where I can read without feeling sick. I end up in the constant struggle between trying to minimize how much I need to carry with me, and making sure I have “enough” books to last me the trip. Never mind the fact that anywhere I go, there is a bookstore and I can always but something new if needed.

For most week-long trips, I tend to bring 3-4 books even though I rarely end up finishing more than 2 at the most. I seem to assume that I will finish the majority of one book on the train ride, even though I know I almost inevitably fall asleep at some point during the ride. I also tend to assume that I will read a lot in the evenings, completely forgetting about the fact that I’m often very tired from the day of sightseeing or whatever I’m doing, and that I usually end up mostly just watching TV.

I think another factor is the kind of books I tend to bring with me. Partly, I base my decision on the format of the book, so I avoid too many hardcovers since they are too heavy and too big to fit multiple in my bags. I don’t like to bring YA books with me since I tend to get through them too quickly. One of the struggles for me is when it comes to books I have in mind for my challenges that I feel like I need a little push to actually pick up. On the one hand, if it’s one of the only books I have available at the time, I’ll have no choice but to give it a chance. On the other hand, I want to enjoy what I’m reading and I don’t want to to feel stuck with a book I’m not liking. I usually end up reading only half of what I bring with me on any trip, but I know that if I didn’t bring more, I would feel almost unprepared.


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