Reader Struggles: Meme Mini-Series (#13)

I went through a span of quite a few years where I rarely, if ever, bought any books at all. It got to a point where books became very expensive and I was using my library so heavily that I just didn’t see the need to buy anything. The only exception is when I read something that really stood out to me and that I knew I would want to revisit. For example, I went out and bought both books in Victoria Schwab’s Monsters of Verity duology shortly after finishing the first one because I felt like I just had to have it. I’ve also been desperately trying to find the “right” edition of A Monster Calls. I want the hardcover version that has all the illustrations, but somehow that one doesn’t seem to exist anymore! There was one version I found that was close, but it was expensive and very awkwardly sized. I’ve managed to get a second-hand copy for now that was a library discard, but I think this is one of the books that I’d want to have a brand new copy of my own. The other main reason I stopped buying books is because I just literally didn’t have the space for any more…and then I discovered Book Outlet.

As soon as I saw this picture, I knew it fit me perfectly. When I placed my first order from Book Outlet, I already didn’t have any more shelf space for new books. I placed a relatively small order anyway because I wanted to check out the service and see the condition of the books I received, and I was very impressed! Despite the fact that I haven’t gained any additional shelf space since then, I have made three more orders, with more and more books each time. My last two orders had 21 books each! I blame that almost entirely on the fact that Book Outlet has frequent sales, and the books are generally cheap enough that I can get huge amounts for a relatively low price. Depending on the sale or if you have reward points available to redeem, you can also end up getting some books essentially for free.

Even though I know I don’t have any more shelf space, I can’t help but check out Book Outlet frequently, and watch for upcoming sales. It helps that they offer many of the books that I want to read for my reading challenges that are sometimes tricky to get from the library. And it’s not just Book Outlet either — in the past year, I have also bought new copies of several of the series that I started and loved last year. Again, this is in spite of the fact that I have no shelf space for them, and I knew that when I bought them! Those series alone make up about 15 books (from 4 different series) that I just had to have, with nowhere to put them. I’m tentatively planning to do some rearranging in my room this week while I have some time off work, but somehow I doubt I’ll be able to clear too much space. Ever since the last order of 21 books, I’ve been hesitant to buy any more but I’m sure that will change the next time I see a good sale!


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