The Quarantine Book Tag

I realized it had been quite a while since I had done a Book Tag, so I thought it would be a great time to look for a new one! I specifically wanted to look for something that was quarantine-themed because I was surprised that I hadn’t seen any around yet. It didn’t take me very long to come across The Quarantine Book Tag, which was created by Tree and Bree at WordsAboutWords, and I found at The Owlery Reader. For me, I’m finally getting to the point where it feels like the quarantine is mostly over. I live in Canada, and my area is currently in Stage 3, which means that many public buildings are now open, with rules about masks and social distancing in effect. It’s put me in this very strange middle-ground where it feels mostly back to normal, but with enough differences that we’re still very much aware that the pandemic is still on-going. In the past month, I’ve also finally been able to go back to work in-person, for half-days at a time with small groups a few times a week, and it’s been so nice to get some form of almost-normalcy back. I wish I had found this tag a little earlier in the quarantine, but it still seemed like the perfect time to do it!

1. Favorite reading spot at home?

I do the majority of my reading in my room, either on my bed or more commonly, at my desk. I’m often listening to music on my computer or sometimes chatting with people on Discord servers at the same time, so I like to be at my desk.

2. An unread book in your physical TBR?

So many! I have spent so much money during this quarantine buying books, and I definitely have not read them all yet. If I had to pick just one, I would pick Where the Crawdads Sing, which I very recently bought and plan to get to before the end of this month.

3. A book you’ve actually read from your physical TBR pile?

Again, I’ll pick recent books, but I recently bought and read Yes No Maybe So and also Tweet Cute. Both were books that I was very excited to read, and I loved them both!

4. Next book release you’re hyped for?

I don’t have this one yet, but the next book that I’m most excited for it The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab, which is due out October 6. I’m hoping to get this book for my birthday, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to fit it into my reading challenges for this year. If not, it will be at the top of my list for next year!

5. Favorite bookish world to escape to?

I think this would still have to be the world of Harry Potter. It has always been one of my favourite series and it is one that I can very easily get absorbed into.

6. A bookish world you would NOT want to visit?

Basically any dystopian world. I also don’t think I’d want to visit the world of This Savage Song, where literal monsters are spawned by human violence. These monsters feed on flesh and blood, and some even feed on souls.

7. Favorite author to follow on Twitter?

Seanan McGuire and Victoria Schwab are both a lot of fun to follow! I love their feeds.

8. A bookish craft you’d like to try?

I’m not that into crafts in general and don’t really see myself having the patience to actually do any, but I do like to see other people’s crafts!

9. Something you’d like to practice/get better at?

I’d love to get better at some of my computer games! I like to play games, but I’m not very good at them. There are a few games specifically that I gave up for a while because I got stuck and got frustrated, and haven’t gone back to them yet. I’d love to find the time (ironically enough, now that the quarantine is mostly over for me) to get back to them and master those levels.

10. How many times has your reading been interrupted by a family member/living mate?

I actually find Discord a lot more disruptive than my family, but I only live with one other person. I tend to get most easily distracted when on an active Discord server, even if it’s a conversation that I’m not taking part in, but the constant notifications are extremely distracting to me. It’s the same with messages on my phone, such as my work’s Slack channel. I don’t mind it when it’s actually relevant, but sometimes it’s just general chatter and gets irritating.

11. Have you bought a book since you’ve been in quarantine? Which & from where? [No? Well, there’s still time…]

Too many to list! I’ve placed several orders from Amazon, my local bookstore, and Book Outlet. Since I haven’t had access to my library, I ended up buying many of my highest-priority books to make sure I’d get the chance to read them. I probably wouldn’t have bought so many so quickly if I had been getting them from the library, but many are probably books I would have ended up buying anyway.

12. What TV shows/movies have you binged watched?

I’m currently re-watching Boy Meets World, and plan to re-watch Girl Meets World as well. I’m also slowly making my way through Modern Family now that it is finally on Netflix! I can’t quite remember if these were during or before quarantine, but I also watched Glee and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, both for the first time. And just yesterday, I finally watched the movie The Half of It! I also watched the new Baby-sitters Club Netflix adaptation.

13. What other media are you consuming?

A ton of Youtube videos, on a variety of topics. I think the channels I’ve been watching most often are BooksAndLala, BooksWithEmilyFox, Hailey in Bookland, and ReadWithCindy. In terms of non-book content, I’ve also been watching Blaire White (who I discovered because of her responses to JK Rowling’s tweets), ShoeOnHead, ArmouredSkeptic, and Rose & Rosie.

14. Favorite song to wash your hands to?

I don’t really have a song, I usually just count.


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