Top 5 Wednesdays: St. Patrick’s Day

If it wasn’t for the sudden influx of advertisements for green milkshakes and mint ice cream, I don’t think I would have even realized it was St. Patrick’s Day. It’s not a holiday that I really celebrate in any way (although I wouldn’t say no to a mint Oreo blizzard from Dairy Queen if I could get one!), so it’s not something I pay much attention to. Not too long ago, there was a Top 10 Tuesday topic that asked for books that had purple, green or yellow covers and I had such a hard time finding anything green. This week, the prompt specified shamrock green and to be honest, I had no idea what that meant! I ended up looking it up and trying my best to match the book covers to the image, but I’m sure most of these aren’t technically the right shade. When I started to find myself really nitpicking about how green was “green enough,” I decided it was time to stop and just go ahead with what I had! It’s a difficult enough colour to find anyway without worrying too much about the specific shades. Like always, I have no idea how to adjust the sizes for a gallery for some reason, at least not since WordPress changed last year, so apologies in advance for any awkward sizing of the pictures.

Top 5 Wednesday is a meme created by Gingerreadslainey on Youtube, and is now hosted by Sam at ThoughtsOnTomes. The official GoodReads group with the weekly topics can be found here.


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