Even More Quarantine Book Hauls!

Just three weeks ago, I posted another set of book hauls and I didn’t expect to have so many more books so soon! To be fair, I definitely did a bit of stress-shopping this month because I got my second vaccine appointment moved up by a couple of weeks. I’m currently about 2 days out from being considered fully vaccinated, since Tuesday will be a full two weeks. I hate needles, and buying a few books helped me keep my mind off it (or at least that’s my excuse!). The vast majority of the books in this set of hauls are books that I’d already preordered, which have been showing up as they’ve been released. This is also probably the set that includes the majority of my most anticipated books to read this year! I’m really looking forward to getting to them all!

As a side note, I noticed a recent Top 10 Tuesday topic coming up about books on your wishlist, and it asks people to include a link to their wishlist if they would like. Does anyone know if it’s possible to do that without my address being visible? I’m not expecting anyone to buy me books, but I thought it might be fun to have my list available for people to see!

This first set of books is multiple orders and pre-orders, and contains a ton of my most anticipated books of the year! These are all from Indigo, and I was so happy to be able to grab them all, especially because I had a few gift cards and Plum Points which let me get a few that were a little more pricey.

The next group are the books that I stress-bought after changing my vaccine appointment, but also because I’d already been planning to get them but had forgotten to add them to my last order. I have the last Truly Devious book on its way too, but it’s not out yet.

This last group is from Book Outlet, and it includes several books that I picked up because I saw them highly recommended by several of the channels I watch, as well as a couple of books (like the top two on the pile) that I was already planning to buy full price, but managed to snag for much less this way.


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