Yet Another Huge Summer 2022 Book Haul!

I definitely wasn’t intending to post another book haul so soon, but I’ve accumulated so many books that it seemed like a good time. It’s only been about a month since my last haul although the photos were posted just two weeks ago because of my vacation earlier in July. I had to pre-write and schedule a few posts so that seems to have affected the timing of things a bit. Either way, I was surprised to realize that I’ve accumulated about 40 more books within the past month! Some of them were books that I already had preordered that finally came through, but the majority of them were books that I only decided to grab very recently. Normally I try to photograph my books together based on where I got them, but in this case the photos got a little scattered. I rearranged my bookshelves a couple of weeks ago and decided to take the photos of the books I’d acquired at that point so I could put them away on the shelves without having to wait for the next haul, and it wasn’t worth dragging them all back out again just to take a new picture. It’s made the photos seem a bit more disorganized to me, but I’m very excited to start reading!

These first two photos are books that I bought from Book Outlet, spread across a few different orders. To be honest, some of them were books that I bought mostly on a whim, especially because there was a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” deal on for one of the orders, but there were also quite a few books that I was very excited to see come up.

The top photo shows the books I bought shortly before my trip, and the bottom photo are the books that I’ve acquired since getting back:

This next photo is a combination of some preorders that came in shortly before I left on my trip, and a few books (the three on top) that I picked up from my first trip to a physical bookstore since the start of the pandemic! I was especially excited to see The Lying Game by Ruth ware since that book has somehow been impossible to find anywhere else.

The last photo is a combination of recent orders from Indigo and Amazon. I’m kicking myself a bit because I messed up my order. Indigo had a 40% off sale recently, and I thought I’d placed my order but somehow managed to miss completing the last step so it was all just sitting there in my cart. I didn’t notice until after the sale had ended, so I ended up dropping a couple of the books that I’d wanted to get so I could wait for a better price. A couple of the books in this stack (The Scorpio Races and the two Renee Ahdieh books) are ones that I grabbed because they were starting to seem a bit harder to find consistently and I’ve been meaning to try them for a while. The rest of the stack are books that I decided to order because many of them were my most anticipated books for the year and they had been discounted a bit on Amazon (although still not quite as much as I would have liked!). Frustratingly enough, two days after placing that order, one of the thrillers showed up on Book Outlet for about a third of the price I’d paid! I also grabbed the boxset of the Infernal Devices because that’s my favourite Cassandra Clare series so far, and it was 30% off as part of a daily deal, so I got it for a great price!

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