Never Have I Ever: Bookworm Edition

I was lucky enough to stumble upon a Facebook post the other day, which led me to this Never Have I Ever game. I’ve actually never really understood the appeal of Never Have I Ever as as party game, but that may be because the kinds of questions my coworkers tend to ask at staff holiday parties mean that I’ll very easily win! I thought it might be a bit more fun for me to try a book-related version of the game since that’s something that I can relate to better. This version of the game consists of 36 questions, and you get 1 point for each one that you have never done. I’ve always been a bit confused about the scoring system for these games though. I would have thought that a higher score would mean you’re more of a bookworm, but if you’re getting points for what you haven’t done, then that doesn’t seem to make sense.

1) Dropped a book on your face while reading

I have never done this! I have definitely had books slip out of my hands while I’m reading, but I don’t usually read lying down so it’s never been on my face.

2) Hid a book you were reading

Already, I’m not sure how to score this one. I used to keep the books I was reading under my pillow at night, but it wasn’t to “hide” them in the sense that I didn’t want people to see. It just seemed like the most convenient place to store them at the time. I’ve also hidden books that scared me after I’ve finished them, but not while reading. I guess I’ll count this as another never, but it is debatable.

3) Lied about what you’re reading

I’ve never done this either. I’m not embarrassed by what I read so I don’t see any reason to lie.

4) Read 50 Shades of Gray more than once

I have not even read it once, so never!

5) DNF a book

I have only done this once, with a very poorly written YA choose-your-own-adventure book.

6) Dreamed of a book boyfriend

Never! I don’t have book boyfriends.

7) Complained about a book turned movie

I have done this many times! Adaptations always tend to add or change things in a way that bugs me.

8) Said the book was better

I have definitely done this. I usually like the book better than the movie.

9) Went over your book budget

I’ll say I’ve done this, although I don’t really have a set book budget. I’ve definitely ordered books from Book Outlet when there was a sale that I didn’t expect, at times when I wasn’t planning to buy any books.

10) Claimed a book boyfriend

I feel like this is the same question as the one above. I’ve never had a book boyfriend.

11) Cried while reading

Yes! Honestly, not that often, but there are some books that really affect me. A Monster Calls is a prime example.

12) Made someone read your favourite book

I can’t say for sure. I’ve definitely recommended books to people, but I’ve never forced anyone to read anything, nor do I know for sure whether anyone has followed through on my recommendations. So I’m not really sure how to score this one?

13) Followed your favourite author online

I follow many of my favourite authors on social media, including Goodreads.

14) Fangirled over an author

Again, I have no clue how to answer this because I’m not sure what they mean by fangirling. I assume it has to do with being super excited to meet an author, but I have never met any authors in person. So I guess never?

15) Waited up for a book to hit your kindle

Never. I don’t use e-readers.

16) Pulled out your kindle at a party

I don’t have a kindle, but I’ve also never pulled a book out at a party either.

17) Gone to a book signing

Never. I know this is something a lot of bookworms love to do, but I’ve never been that interested in meeting authors in person.

18) Joined a book club

I’ll count it as a yes because I’m part of the Goodreads Around the Year reading challenge group, which is kind of like a book club. I’m not interested in joining a “real” club where I have to read and discuss a specific book at a specific time, because as soon as reading feels like a chore to me, I lose interest.

19) Laughed out loud as a book

I’m not 100% sure, but I’m pretty sure that I have.

20) Got an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy)

I did! When my mom worked at the library, they sometimes got a few ARCs that the staff could have, since they couldn’t put them on the shelves, I ended up getting one or two.

21) Read a taboo trope

I have no idea what they are counting as a taboo trope, but I’ve read Forbidden which involves incest, so I’ll count that as a yes.

22) Missed a meal so you could read

I have never done this. I’ve probably eaten quickly so I can get back to my book, but I’ve never completely skipped a meal.

23) Waited in your car to read

I don’t drive or own a car, so no.

24) Listen to an audiobook

I have listened to a few. It is definitely not my preferred format, so I only really listen when a reading challenge requires it or when I’m really struggling to get through a slow-paced physical copy of a classic.

25) Messaged an author online

I think I have, without realizing at the time that it was an author. I responded to an Instagram book giveaway which included a question of which book in the set was my most anticipated, only to realize that it was the author of one of the books that I was responding to. Luckily, I had picked her book!

26) Took a selfie with an author

I have never met any authors in person, so no.

27) Met a book model

I’m not sure what a book model is. I would guess it’s the people who pose for the cover art? I don’t think I have done this.

28) Traveled for a book event

I have never been to a book event.

29) Watched Passionflix

I don’t even know what this is.

30) Swooned over a book character

I’m not sure how to answer this one. There are definitely characters that I’ve found romantic, but I don’t know if I’d call it swooning. I’ll tentatively say never?

31) Wished to live in a book

I mean, I think most of us at some point have wished to live at Hogwarts or at least in the Wizarding World.

32) Smelled a new book

I have a terrible sense of smell, so I wouldn’t really get much out of trying to do this anyway.

33) Wanted to live at a library

It’s definitely crossed my mind.

34) Hated a character in a book

Dolores Umbridge. Need I say more?

35) Threatened to go “Misery” on an author

For those who aren’t familiar with Misery, it is about a woman who kidnaps her favourite author and threatens him into continuing a series that he had intended to cancel and reviving the lead character that he had killed off. I’ve definitely been upset when a favourite series ends, but I’ve never even thought about going to this extreme!

36) Hugged or kissed a book

I have definitely never kissed a book, but I have sometimes “hugged” a book after I’ve finished one that I love or when excited about getting one as a gift, so I guess I’ll have to say yes to this one.

In total, there were 20 things on this list that I had never done (including the two that were tentative nevers)!


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