My 5-Star Predictions For 2022! (Part 3)

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Flourish & Blotts: OWLS Challenge (Continued)

4) The Book of Cold Cases by Simone St. James


Prompt: A paranormal book

What Is It About?: A true crime aficionado named Shea has the opportunity to interview Beth, a suspect who was acquitted of a 1977 murder where two men were attacked seemingly randomly. Shea begins to visit Beth at her mansion to find out what she knows about this case, but starts to notice strange occurrences that make her uncomfortable, and in the process of trying to uncover the truth about the case, she begins to wonder whether Beth might be manipulating her.

Why I Chose It: This book was easily one of my most anticipated books of the year, and I chose it for this prompt because this author’s books always have a paranormal element to them. It was a very easy choice for this prompt since it was one of a handful of paranormal books on my list, and definitely the one I was most excited for.

Why 5 Stars?: I’ve read and absolutely loved two other books by this author so far. Both of them were also 5-star predictions for the year I read them (2019 and 2021), and both of them were easily 5 stars, so I’m expecting to love this one as much. I generally love this author’s writing style, and her books contain the perfect amount of horror/paranormal for me. This author builds such creepy atmospheres, and I’m expecting that will be the case with this one as well.

BookList Queen 2022 Challenge

1) Gallant by V.E. Schwab


Prompt: A book by an author you love

What Is It About?: A girl named Olivia is invited back home to Gallant, but upon her arrival, she realizes no one was expecting her. She decides to stay there anyway and is determined to uncover the secrets hiding in the home. She soon discovers a broken wall, and crossing it leads her to a place that looks like her home, but isn’t. This discovery shows Olivia what has been unravelling generations of her family, and forces her to decide where she really belongs.

Why I Chose It: I actually chose this book before I had even really looked into what it was about, just because I love V.E. Schwab in general. Although there were several prompts this book could have fit, it seemed like a natural choice for a book by an author I love since she is easily one of my favourites.

Why 5 Stars?: This one is a 5-star prediction mostly on the strength of author name alone. I have absolutely loved everything I’ve read by this author so far. Her writing style typically draws me in immediately, and this book seemed especially intriguing because of the creepy, gothic atmosphere. V.E. Schwab’s books tend to be so beautifully written and have such memorable characters, and I’m very interested in try this one. I’d be pretty surprised if it wasn’t 5 stars!

2) Apples Never Fall by Liane Moriarty


Prompt: A 2021 bestseller

What Is It About?: A stranger named Savannah knocks on the door of the Delaney family, looking for a place to stay after a fight with her boyfriend. Stan and Joy Delaney are happy to take her in, however when Joy goes missing and Savannah is nowhere to be found, the police are quick to turn their suspicions on Stan. Two of his children think their father is innocent, while the other two are not so sure.

Why I Chose It: Liane Moriarty has been one of my favourite authors ever since I read Big Little Lies as part of my first ever reading challenge. While none of her books have quite matched that one for me yet, I’ve still really enjoyed them all. I find it a bit tricky to search for bestsellers since some of the lists are hard to navigate or only show the #1 book, so I was happy to see this one come up since it was already something I really wanted to try.

Why 5 Stars?: This book is a bit of a twist on one of my favourite tropes. I love thrillers where parents question how well they know their child when that child is accused of something terrible, and this book flips it the other way around. In general, I find the whole concept of a family member dealing with the knowledge that someone they love might be dangerous completely fascinating. With such an intriguing premise, I’m hoping this one will finally rival Big Little Lies as a new favourite by this author.

3) The Night She Disappeared by Lisa Jewell


Prompt: A book with a blue cover

What Is It About?: A 19-year-old girl named Tallulah disappears one night after going out with her boyfriend to a party at a house near woods that are known as the Dark Place. A year later, a writer named Sophie moves into a cottage nearby and stumbles upon a note on one of the trees that says “Dig here” which appears to be a clue. Sophie begins to take an interest in the case, and launches her own investigation to find out what happened.

Why I Chose It: Lisa Jewell has very quickly become one of my favourite thriller authors, and I always look forward to her next book. It seemed like an obvious fit for this prompt since the cover is entirely different shades of blue.

Why 5 Stars?: I’m basing this prediction on the fact that I’ve loved every book I’ve read by this author so far. This book sounds like exactly the kind of thriller that I tend to love, especially since one of the main characters is a writer. Lisa Jewell’s writing style and characters tend to draw me in immediately, and I’m expecting that this one will do the same. I’ve also really been into books involving creepy houses and woods lately, so this fits right in.

Pick Your Poison 2021 Challenge

I’m a year behind on the Pick Your Poison challenges because I only discovered they existed late in 2021, long after I had any room to take on another challenge. The 2022 challenge wasn’t even posted until December 30, which is too late for me to really plan around it. These challenges are great and I’d love to take on more of them, although I may end up staying a year behind for a while.

1) Wish You Were Here by Jodi Picoult


Prompt: A book by a favourite author

What Is It About?: A woman named Diana thinks her life is perfectly on track until a deadly virus arrives that forces her boyfriend Finn, a surgical resident, to stay behind from their planned trip to the Galapagos, where she expected he would propose. Finn convinces her to go on the trip alone, but when the island is put under quarantine, she finds herself stranded there and develops a connection with a local family.

Why I Chose It: Jodi Picoult has been my favourite author for more than a decade now, so it was a very easy choice for this prompt. I’m always excited to try her latest books, and this one had come out too late in 2021 for me to get to it.

Why 5 Stars?: I know the pandemic theme might be a little difficult for many people to read, but I’m very intrigued to see how authors will address it in their books. I also find the Galapagos setting so interesting and it’s something I’ve never read before. The only thing that gives me a tiny bit of hesitation is that I generally tend to prefer Jodi Picoult’s books that involve some kind of social issue or court case (ie. My Sister’s Keeper, The Pact), but I typically love how realistic her characters are and I think if anyone could tackle such a complex topic well, it’s her.

2) The Book Of Night by Holly Black

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Prompt: A book by an author whose name is a colour

What Is It About?: A low-level con artist named Charlie works as a bartender and tries to distance herself from the underground world of shadow trading. When someone from her past returns, her life is thrown into chaos and she must throw herself into this world that she tried to hard to avoid when she gets involved in a high-profile theft that pits her against others who are desperate to control the magic of the shadows.

Why I Chose It: I had a bit of a harder time finding authors whose names would fit for this prompt, but while looking at lists of upcoming releases for this year, I noticed this book and immediately knew it was what I would choose.

Why 5 Stars?: I’m a little more on the fence about this one than some of the other books I’ve picked so far. While I absolutely loved the Folk of the Air series, I wasn’t a huge fan of the other book I’d read by this author. However, this one is her first adult fantasy book, and the synopsis reminds me quite a bit of Ninth House so I’m hoping to love it as much. I love this kind of darker fantasy, and I think Holly Black’s writing would suit it very well.

3) The House Across the Lake by Riley Sager


Prompt: A book written by an author with a pseudonym

What Is It About?: A recently widowed woman named Casey is trying to escape some bad press by retreating to her family’s lake house. While there, she enjoys watching the seemingly perfect couple across the lake, Tom and Katherine. When Katherine suddenly vanishes, Casey becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to her and soon uncovers a darker side to this couple’s marriage.

Why I Chose It: I keep forgetting that this author uses a pseudonym! There are a few thriller authors that I already enjoy who write under pseudonyms, so it was just a matter of picking which book. I decided to go for this one because this was a book I am highly anticipating!

Why 5 Stars?: I’ve loved all of this author’s books so far, and this one involves a trope that I tend to love. This one reminds me quite a bit of Girl on the Train or Woman in the Window, which are two of my favourite thrillers. I love how this author takes relatively generic thriller tropes, but always seems to do something a little extra with them. Given that this is one of my favourite tropes, I’m curious to see what he does with it.


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