Birthday Book Haul, BOTM, and More!

It may be a little silly to post a book haul now since I have another Book Outlet box already on its way to me, but I have quite the pile up so it seemed like a good opportunity to share some of the books that I’ve acquired recently. I was a little surprised to realize it had already been about a month and a half since I last posted a book haul, but to be fair that haul was pretty huge and so was this one! I am definitely out of space for all of these books, which is just going to become a bigger problem when there are so many 2023 releases that I also want to buy!

This first photo is my birthday book haul! It was my birthday right at the end of October, and pretty much the only thing on the wishlist that I gave to friends and family was books. I had a few movies on there too but they were much lower priority for me. I gave my family a list of somewhere around 20 options to choose from of books that I already really wanted, and I was very surprised by many of the ones they chose! I also got a stack of books from a friend who lives in the UK and has access to books/authors over there that may be a little harder to find here. I’ve literally been searching for a hardcover copy of Hani and Ishu all year, and he was able to grab it for me right away, along with all the Dorothy Koomson books shown here:

This next picture are books that I bought for myself, which were some of my most anticipated books of the year! A couple of these were preorders that I’d been waiting for, but several were books that I bought just after my birthday because Indigo had a sale on for 25% off. I have to say, I was a tiny bit disappointed with the copy of The Kiss Curse I received from Amazon since the edges were already a little banged up, but decided it wasn’t worth complaining to them about it.

The third and quite possibly most exciting photo is the books that I bought from Book of the Month Club now that it has finally come to Canada! I’ve been super jealous for the past year or so every time I saw the vloggers I subscribe to showing off their BOTM books, because there was always at least one book that I really wanted per month. I was especially jealous when I realized that they were offering hardcover copies for way cheaper than they are in stores! Luckily, I saw a couple of channels mentioning that BOTM was coming to Canada and signed up for early access and updates. It gave me an early access pass where I got my first book for just $5, and I chose Daisy Darker (which cost up to $40 in stores here!). Once that book arrived and I trusted that it would be in good condition and also arrived in a reasonable amount of time, I signed myself up for a yearly subscription and ordered my first box! The Last Party was my monthly pick, and the other two books were add-ons, but all three were books that I very badly wanted.

This last photo is the combination of a couple of different Book Outlet orders, taking advantage of some deals that they had. The stack on the left was bought during a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” deal, and the other stack was actually just regular price but I was excited to see some books that I’d been waiting for finally come in. I was especially excited to see Insomnia, since that was one of my most anticipated books of the year, and I wasn’t expecting it to be on Book Outlet so soon! The two books on top (After You and The Last Lie) were from my library’s sale shelf. They rarely have anything I want there, so I was lucky to see these two!

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